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An infamous propaganda poster used by the super terrorist organization "Anonymous" Because none of us is as cruel as all of us

Anonymous (sometimes shortened simply as Anon) is a radical super Cyber-terrorism organization, which is known primarily for their super advanced hacking abilities and murder of dozens of innocent people. The name is derived from the fact that terrorists operating in anon use websites that conceal their identities, this is also most distinguishing feature of the attacks.


Anon specializes in terrorizing many random individuals using various techniques. The more basic ones include but are not limited to:

  • Car bombing,
  • Death threats
  • Computer hacking,
  • Cyber bullying,
  • Deadly guns raids,

Yellow VansEdit


One of the infamous exploding vans loaded with radioactive material used to take out an entire city.

One signature and possible most destructive tactic Anon uses is exploding Yellow Vans. These Vans are typically loaded with highly radioactive material and wait outside of the target (usually a residence or building of some sort). The Vans wait until the signal is given triggering the explosive material inside the van.


An image taken of a more merciful anon casualty.

Church of ScientologyEdit

Anon has come in controversy with the Church of Scientology with their infamous terror protocol "Project Chanology". This was a raid commenced both on the churches in real life and virtually. This was similar to the nazis Kristallnacht as many churches have been vandalized due to this operation. Anon used many tools for this mission such as guns, bombs, and vans to destroy the various churches. The casualty count has been an estimated 11,000 people injured and 370 dead.



Anonymous on FOX11

Anonymous on FOX11

A brave news report conducted by Fox News.

Message to Anonymous

Message to Anonymous

A message posted by anonymous.