Godzilla attacks
Location New York, Japan
Date August 31st
Weapons fire breath, and enormous size.
Deaths 34,000
Injured 58,000
Motives breakfast

The Godzilla attacks (often times called G-Day) where a series of destructive attacks caused by the unknown entity Godzilla on the cities of New York and Tokyo Japan committed on August 31st. The attacks were caused by the creature simply walking around and destroying the foundations of many of the cities. This simple act of movement caused close to thousands of deaths and many more injuries.

The attacks were carried over several cities from different countries which were attained due to the large size and transportation of the creature causing them.

The attacks have had a tremendous impact on both Japanese and American society in almost all aspects of life. Many memorials have been built to commemorate the attacks.


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On Early morning in August 31st Godzilla rose in Japan taking out the many major cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto with quick and destructive force, killing thousands of people along the way. Godzilla is often thought to have done the attacks unintentionally and destroyed much of the cities because of his large size although scientists are still in dispute.

Godzilla after destroying Japan swam through the Atlantic Ocean to reach the island of Manhattan where it did irreversible damage to many famous monuments such as the Statue of Libery and the Chrysler Building. The Deaths in America were reported to be around 10,000 as of mid September.



Famous close up shot made of Godzilla.

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The attacks are often considered as one of the most tragic disasters known to mankind as they effectivly destroyed three cities within two continents all over the course of the day. The Wall Street Journal reports It has beat out the casualties and of 9/11 by close to 30 times, and cost of destruction by close to 40. The damage done has been close to irreversible in Japan and America many of buildings destroyed included:

  • The Chrysler Building
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The Pentagon
  • Two Hilton Hotels
  • 258 Starbucks coffee houses
  • 457 McDonalds fast food restaurants

all in the city of New York alone.

Aftermath and ImpactEdit

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